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Remembering Comrade Peter 


The ISL thanks the International Workers League fourth international leaders and members and the contacts and sympathisers who knew Peter for wonderful messages of condolences from three continents.  

Some comrades only met Peter on zoom because of Covid, as the ISL, during Covid had regular national meetings with our comrades living in five cities. Some had only just joined the ISL before Covid.

We have forwarded all messages to Peter’s wife, Sue and son.

Dawn Taylor – Secretary of Stockport Branch National Education Union

“Over the many years I knew him, Peter demonstrated he was one of the most committed trades unionist and international activists I have had the honour to know.

Peter was an endless store of knowledge and of perspective – he just knew how to draw down on his knowledge and understanding to make ideas and campaigns accessible. Most importantly, he used his skills to always challenge injustice.

Peter truly was also an exemplar to us all of how to work with others, preferring to find points of agreement rather than points of difference and putting the interests of the movement, and of the working class as a whole at the forefront of everything rather than that of any particular party or group.

Stockport has lost a great campaigner, and the voice of international social justice will be lesser without him.”

Etiandro The militancy is part of me, not because I chose the militancy, but because I inherited a burden that forces me to be a soldier in the working class! 

It was in the militancy that I realised how sacred human life is, it was in the militants that I met Ladies and Gentlemen, it was in militancy that accounted for the true pulse of the inside of the Human Being. 

It was also in the militancy that I realised that, what is right, so hurt becomes wrong, that what is beautiful, in a fraction of seconds becomes ugly, anyway! It was in the militancy that I proved the poison of falsehood! Yes, it was in the militancy that I realised that for many, Comrade, it was just a simple term!

But it was the same militancy that Comrade Peter Windeler gave me, it was in militancy that I found a brother. I don’t say it just because he’s not here today! Comrade Martin Ralph and Comrade Margaret Mcadam are witnesses. His distrustful look was the reason for the love, attachment and admiration I developed for him. I will stop here, but with the promise to continue your fight and, if I can withstand the capitalist pressure.

And if one day I see some revolution triumph, I will clench my fist and raise it high and scream with all my might, in memory of Comrade Peter Windeler. May the earth be light, rest in peace COMBATANT.

Ashley “Peter was a great socialist and revolutionary, we would often talk during the car journey to meetings, events etc., not just about politics, but also history and personal interests in our private lives. I always greatly enjoyed our talks together; I will greatly miss Peter, a dedicated comrade and friend.”

Ollie  “Just awful news. In shock. Peter was a lovely man and a good comrade. Truly devastating. Heartfelt condolences to his wife and family and to all who knew him. Very sad day for the ISL and the LIT-CI.”

Michael “That’s just terrible mate. My condolences to his family and loved ones. May our comrade’s memory be a blessing.”

Bampha “This is so sad to hear a very dear comrade standing with justice for people will be dearly miss may God have mercy upon him and the love ones pass all rest in peace. Sad to hear sad to hear!!!”

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