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Long live Workers May Day

workers aid for ukraine
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Support Ukrainian resistance against Putin’s invasion.

Cuba release political prisoners end the repression

International Socialist League

The Russian army invasion of Ukraine by order of Vladimir Putin’s regime, which, having military superiority, expected to win a quick victory. It was met, however, with heroic resistance from the Ukrainian people.

We in the ISL and the IWL-FI, and other organisations maintain that the primary content of the conflict initiated by the Russian invasion is the military aggression of a stronger and more powerful country (Russia) against a weaker one (Ukraine).

The war continues with tactics of extreme cruelty used by the Russian troops against the civilian population and the “ethnic cleansing” they are carrying out, especially in the Donbas region.

We support and encourage the actions that workers decide to take through their organizations. For example, workers at the Ellesmere refinery port in Cheshire, England, refused to unload oil from Russia, replicating what had been done by workers at the Kent gas terminal and in ports in the Netherlands. According to the information, “a wave of such protests is spreading through European ports in response to the invasion of Ukraine”.

An example of this international solidarity is the Convoy of Workers’ Aid to Ukraine, which is heading for that country, organized by the French trade union centre Solidaires, the CSP-Conlutas of Brazil and the Inicjatywa Pracownicza (Workers’ Initiative) of Poland. They are supported by the Ukrainian organization Sotsyalnyi Rukn to strengthen class resistance in Ukraine against the Russian invasion. The convoy is a response to the international call made by Yuri Samoilov, chairman of the local trade union of the Independent Miners and Metallurgists of Krivoy-Rog.

Ukrainians have already inflicted significant defeats on the Russian army. They have shown that the Russian war machine can be defeated and, with it, defeat a major collaborator of the counterrevolution in the world. That is why the struggle of the Ukrainian people is not only for their country. A defeat of Putin’s regime in this invasion would give a great impulse to the struggle of the workers and the masses in the region and throughout the world. This is today the struggle of all the workers of the world and that is why it must be taken as a central point in the actions of May Day 2022.

We support the Ukrainian resistance, and we do not hesitate to say No to imperialist NATO and denounce its colonizing intentions. We call to fight for its dismantling, and we position ourselves against the rearmament of the imperialist countries.

We also denounce the bourgeois character of the government of Volodymyr Zelenski and their management of the war with those class criteria which, among other measures, attacks the conquests of the workers which sustain a great part of the effort of the resistance, and limits the armament of the workers outside its control and that of the Ukrainian army. We believe that the war of liberation against the occupiers can only succeed if it develops more and more as a war of the working class and the Ukrainian people. In Russia and Belarus, we support and encourage the mobilizations and expressions against the war and the invasion, which Putin’s regime represses harshly.

Long live workers and internationalist May Day!

Long live the resistance of the Ukrainian people! Weapons for the resistance!

Out with Putin and his army! Hands off, NATO, EU, and USA!

Let the capitalists pay for the crisis! For a revolutionary and socialist solution!

For the construction of the International Party of the revolution!

Free political prisoners in Cuba – End the repression

There is widespread persecution by the Cuban regime that continues without end. It is urgent to redouble our efforts for the freedom of all political prisoners and the end of the criminalisation of protest on the island.

To workers and the international left

Cuba is experiencing a deep structural crisis. This crisis led part of the citizenry to take to the streets on July 11 and 12, 2021. The hostile U.S. sanctions, within the framework of a policy of aggression and blockade that is now in its 60th year. But the country’s administration is unable to meet the most basic needs of the people.

The decision to commercialize fundamental goods in the domestic market in foreign currency, outpricing most people, and the effects of the pandemic, rightly exacerbated the discontent of sectors affected by poverty and marginalization, including place of residence, skin colour, gender.

In March two trials were held for the protests. The first was for the protests of the poor sectors of Esquina de Toyo and La Güinera in Havana, where 127 people were convicted in a massive trial with sentences of up to 30 years – 1,916 years in total – eight of them between 16 and 17 years of age. The second was for the protests in San Antonio de los Baños against 17 demonstrators with sentences of up to 10 years.

According to the Attorney General’s Office, a total of 790 people were prosecuted, including 55 between 16 and 17 years old. We call for international solidarity with the unjustly condemned demonstrators.


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