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No transportation to Rwanda

liverpool rwanda
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No human is illegal, refugees welcome

Margaret McAdam

The Conservative government has agreed legislation to remove migrants by force from the UK, who they determine have come to this country ‘without authorisation’ – on a one-way ticket. This will include the forceful removal of fighters against dictatorial regimes that are supported by the Tory government, rape survivors, modern slavery victims, pregnant women and other groups of traumatised refugees.

The outcome of the government’s ‘UK & Rwanda Migration and Economic Development Partnership’ is that refugees can be sent to Rwanda. This law of transportatiom is part of the imperialist strategy to quell resistance in Africa, and build control over countries and their resources. Rwanda is controlled by imperialism for its own interests. Such plans strengthen Johnson’s government and harm our class unity in struggle. Fight this plan.

On 28 May mobilisations took place against this transportation policy across the country with many anti-racist organisations. Unions are taking national positions against this law such as the PCS and RMT unions, and their policy must become built on the streets – make this law inoperable on the streets with unions and social movements. Every activist and non- activist living in this country from abroad is at risk with the combination of anti-immigrant (which mean anti- worker) legislation.

Labour leader, Keir Starmer, described the proposal as ‘unworkable, unethical, extortionate’ but since then, the opposition has continually described the scheme as a diversion from the Partygate scandal. “Although the ethical content of the Rwanda plan was criticised in passing, its greater evil apparently lies in distracting from what really matters. Much like the Murdoch broadsheets, Labour has stayed mostly silent on the morality of the policy while questioning its practicality and efficiency – Does it work? How much will it cost? The implication being that, if only the government could resettle migrants to third-countries at a reasonable price, Sir Keir would offer his full support.

“…Over the past year, the Home Office has considered a number of bizarre

initiatives…all in the name of ‘taking back control’… But their ideological function was obvious: to naturalise the treatment of certain people as objects that can be ‘offshored’, ‘processed’ or ‘relocated’…”(1)

The new plan is modelled on Australia’s brutal network of offshore camps – widely condemned by human rights groups as at least 12 people died and many more suffered abuse in the Australian system.

According to Human Rights Watch, detainees in Rwanda suffer from ill- treatment and even torture. For years, President Paul Kagame’s tyrannical regime has tried to rebrand (against the accusations of abuse toward African asylum seekers) itself in Africa and across the world, following the genocide that took place here over 20 years ago.

Rwanda has refugees from Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo who live in refugee camps. Israel uses Rwanda to deport several thousand Sudanese and Eritrean asylum seekers. Upon arrival, they are taken to a “hotel” in which they stay for 48 hours, after which they are pressured or forced to leave the country and once again start their journey as refugees.

Refugees welcome here

Leaders of the Sudanese revolution are asking for an international campaign to stop this legislation. They point out that the government of Rwanda is in the hands of the US and Europe and explain that if the British government starts deporting refugees to Rwanda, the military dictatorship in Sudan will be able to take who they want – no doubt to disappear. The same thing can happen to the Congolese and other freedom fighters.

We have to destroy this imperialist international law:

• For the right to remain with full rights

• Build a national campaign of resistance to stop the inhuman law migrant rights with social struggles and unions

• Build an international campaign across the world


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