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9 August 2022

General strike, theory and practice

Bill Hunter May 1980 (Archives) In 1935, Trotsky criticised the centrist Independent Labour Party which, he said was marking time between pacifism and the proletarian revolution, and for advancing the propaganda slogan of ‘a general strike to stop war’. Trotsky described the slogan as ‘irresponsible radical phraseology’.  However, he used the opportunity to discuss more …

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Ukraine Labour Reform attacks workers

Herbert Claro and Pavel Polska The aggression of the Russian government claims, daily, thousands of Ukrainian lives, as the hardships of working people and the harassment of the invading troops multiply. While most of the well-to-do sectors of society have taken refuge abroad or in other regions far from the occupied or combat zones, the …

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Organise a general strike now

Unite the Strikes For a sliding scale of wages, benefits and pensions Cap prices – stop profiteering International Socialist League Workers are fighting back against the bosses’ attacks on their wages, jobs and conditions by taking national strike action. RMT Rail workers, CWU postal and telecommunication workers and ASLEF train drivers are leading the way …

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