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ISL zoom build the strikes

strike movement ISL zoom
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On 21 November at 7pm the ISL is holding a zoom meeting on building the strike wave, a nurse from the RCN in addition to speakers, members of the RMT, No Austerity and CGIL member/Italy (on the planned strike of the base unions), and Sud Education/France (on the strikes and their comparison with 1986. The ISL will also host a meeting on Brazil 27 November to be addressed by Vera Lúcia, she is a Brazilian comrade and a Black leader of the Unified Workers’ Socialist Party and CSP Conlutas. Workers defeat Bolsonaro at the polls! The fight will continue, we will talk much more about that on 27 November. Further details to be announced.

Rail and others workers are fighting internationally. In Britain, the strike wave is building with NHS workers, including the RCN, PCS, UCU, and maybe the NEI teachers and many more.  In France, Solidaires RATP, Solidaires Transports and SUD-Rail are calling for an interprofessional day of strikes and united demonstrations organized on November 10; the same for the Belgian railwaymen and railwaymen at the call of CGSP/FGTB and CSC on November 9th. In the Spanish state, the railway workers of the CGT and the SF/Intersindical acted together. In Italy, the base unions, including CUB, USI, ADL COBAS, SI COBAS, are calling for a general strike on 2 December.

We need to build coordinated strike action and build a general strike, as we have explained since June 2022. There is the need for rank and file control of the strikes, branch level assemblies etc, we need to strike as one and we need to see what is happening in other countries and build links and common actions we face the same enemy of capitalism.

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