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Old Swan Against the Cuts

old swan against the cuts
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Created by editing members of Old Swan Against the Cuts Martin, Margaret and Larry

The Liverpool Labour city council is in as much chaos as the Tories. The Tory commissioners’ powers in the council are extended and will take over all financial and resource decisions at the city council. Labour allowed the imposition of Tory commissionaires, and they are running the show. If you vote Labour, you will get cuts of £73 million next year and Tory commissioners without a fight.

Community groups and unions must become centres of resistance and defend all workers including women, people of colour, and LGBTQ+.

Driving us into poverty – organise in the unions and our neighbourhoods

Young people fear the future and feel they are losing control of their lives. Many young workers start a job and work from home because they work for subcontractors. Others are expected to live on meagre wages; even the present living wage is not good enough to live on and build a future.

The cost of gas, electricity, food and housing drive households into poverty; we demand windfall tax on energy companies and rent controls and childcare is exorbitant. And public ownership of all energy provision and networks.

OSAC building a future in struggle

We supported the strike of Arriva bus drivers. We are supporting the strike wave by many unions. But we think they must be co-ordinated.

An OSAC member is a leader of a campaign for trade union rights on the new the Everton Ground, helping to organise pickets for union recognition.

A member has been campaigning for Workers Aid Convoy to Ukraine,  supporting the miners, steel workers, and women of Ukraine in their fight against the Russian invasion and the Zelensky government labour reforms.

We support the standing of independent fighting candidates in all Liverpool constituencies and aim at getting a majority of these candidates into the Council. Tory and Labour are not the answer to workers’ needs.

In 2023 OSAC will be standing in Old Swan East

The council has divided Old Swan into three areas. We intend to stand in the local election in May 2023 in Old Swan East (the area around the library that we fought to keep open). We will continue to support everyone in Old Swan, such as those demanding a road crossing on Broadgreen Road.

The campaign we made since 2013 for access for disabled people to the Old Swan has produced results, and many ramps are being built, but it is not enough. There are still no-go areas in Old Swan for disabled people in wheelchairs and the frail of walking.

We say implement a no-cuts needs budget. Use current reserves to make a needs budget and campaign to demand the Tories restore funding. 

  • Demand the Tory government reverse cuts in central government funding and provide relief funding for vital public services.
  • Set a needs budget and begin to mobilise in a massive way to win.
  • Tax the energy companies and big businesses, make them pay.
  • We support the NHS and all public services. They need to be fully funded and entirely under public ownership with democratic control.
  • All strategic companies, including energy, should be publicly owned without compensation and under democratic workers’ control.
  • We need a national fightback by workers and their communities.
  • No scapegoating of immigrants for the ills of capitalism.
  • Martin Ralph, Old Swan Against the Cuts No Austerity, to stand in Old Swan East. He fought to keep libraries and St Martin’s Care Home open; for pedestrian crossings for older adults on Broadgreen Road and physical access for disabled people to all areas in Old Swan.

If you live in Liverpool then join Old Swan Against Cuts.

Contact us on Facebook Old Swan Against the Cuts

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