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ISL meeting build the strikes

all union strike
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Defeat the anti-strike laws

Reports from members of RCN, RMT and UCU

7.30pm, Thursday, 26 January.

Quaker Meeting House,

20A School Lane, Liverpool, L1 3DA

Please click to register for the meeting

Welcome to the ISL/Socialist Voice public meeting to discuss what is the way forward for the British working class. Join the fight against the Tories, capitalism and Starmer,. Join the ISL

The strike wave is growing and the majority of the public is supporting. The worldwide political and economic crises of capitalism, bosses, government policies are hitting the British working class hard, average worker wages are falling while corporate profits continue to rise.

In this time of inflation, pandemic, collapsing NHS (and nurses and patient misery), ecological catastrophe, and more wars workers are reclaiming their area of struggle. It is the same in all Europe with general strikes in France, Belgium, Greece and Italy – there will be brief reports alongside international union and political solidarity with the biggest strike wave in the world at the moment – Britain.

The dockers are back, nurses are fighting and many are striking. The class struggle and socialism is back on the agenda; undoubtedly pickets want united strike action and an end to anti-strike laws.

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