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RMT strike London

Full support to RMT

Day 1 of RMT national strike Lies, damned lies and Tory lies fail TUC organise a general strike It was a great strike day in

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workers aid for ukraine
Internatonal Socialist League

Long live Workers May Day

Support Ukrainian resistance against Putin’s invasion. Cuba release political prisoners end the repression International Socialist League The Russian army invasion of Ukraine by order of

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Trans demo manchester
Ashley Walker

Unite to achieve trans liberation!

Ashley Walker Working class people, transgender people and gender non-binary people must unite to achieve trans liberation! The liberation of transgender and gender non-binary people

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oil wealth north sea
Ashley Walker

Inflation hits the poor

No cost of living crisis for oil companies and the wealthy Ashley walker The phrase ‘cost of living crisis’ will likely be one a person

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UVW liverpool meeting
Internatonal Socialist League

Support UVW hospital workers

Support the UVW Great Ormand Street Children’s Hospital 29 April rally Eraldo Strumiello After an epic six-week strike in February and March, the heroic security

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ucu strike
Martin Ralph

Strikes highest in five years

Build a national strike fight back Build a workers’ party from union and community struggles International Socialist league Workers are fighting back concerning pay, pensions,

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P&0 RMT demo
News UK

Mobilise defeat bosses and Tories

International Socialist League Workers are experiencing one crisis after another – Covid, climate catastrophe, inflation, employers’ attacks, collapsing NHS services, etc. These continually hit workers,

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Remembering Comrade Peter 

The ISL thanks the International Workers League fourth international leaders and members and the contacts and sympathisers who knew Peter for wonderful messages of condolences

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